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Autumn Sewing Projects: Mini Backpack

Mini backpacks are stylish, simple, and handy for carrying all kinds of essentials. There are tons of excellent patterns, so you can sew one for yourself and someone you know.

Sewing a Mini Backpack: What You’ll Need

Many people choose denim, recycled canvas, or cotton canvas for their mini backpacks. Once you’ve collected the materials you’ll need, it’s time to get started.

Prepare Your Pieces

Print your pattern, cut it out, and tape it all together as instructed. Then, transfer them to the outer fabric, the interfacing, and the lining. Cut according to the instructions on each piece. Make sure to fuse the interfacing and fabric where required.

Sew the Straps

Fold one of the shorter edges of a strap in to form a small hem. Then, take one long edge and fold it in toward the middle, and iron. Repeat on the other side. Fold the fabric in half. Pin or clip all the way down the strap.

Repeat for the other strap. Then, sew a stitch down each side of the straps about ¼” from the edge.

Make the Tabs

Take the D-ring tab pieces and fold the long edges to the middle. Fold in half one more time. Now, feed each piece into each of the D-rings, and fold the fabric to cover the flat edge of the ring. Clip to hold.

Build the Back Side

Take the main body piece and lay it flat, with the design side down, and clip a D-ring tab to the bottom edge. Repeat the process along the top edge of the main piece. Place a strap at each point and clip. Sew the straps and tabs to the main body piece.

Make the Handle and Inner Pocket

Use the same process for the handle piece that you used for the straps! Then join the top gusset and zipper, followed by the bottom gusset. At this point, you’re ready to create the inner pocket for the mini backpack.

Get Everything Together

Sew the main body pieces to the gusset piece you just finished. Flip the gusset to where the lining faces, and flip it print-side up. Once everything is flipped, turn it so that the outer fabric faces in. Clip the edges of the main pieces together once the bag is inside-out.

Sew the Bottom by Hand

Tuck the bottom edges in, and close everything up by hand with whatever stitch you’d like. Then, finish the two straps that are dangling from the top. Feed one strap through each strap adjuster, and before you sew them down, make sure you test those adjusters!

That’s it! You’ve sewn a beautiful mini backpack. For more ideas, tips, supplies, and more, always check with GoldStar Tool!