Making a Winter Coat? Here’s What You Should Know!

Making a Winter Coat? Here’s What You Should Know!

Coats work overtime through the winter months while protecting you from all sorts of unwelcome weather. They are a major wardrobe staple and while practical, can really complete many outfits.

The major benefit of a handmade coat is quality. You can customize your winter coat to be comfy and sturdy, while drawing creative inspiration from classic silhouettes or latest trends.

Choosing the Right Materials

You can't get started without some essential materials such as sewing machines, quality fabrics and patterns

Read for the steps in crafting a winter coat that will last a lifetime.


The fabric you'll need for a winter coat isn't a type of material that most use on a regular basis. Using fabrics with textures really brings in the winter element, but it may be tricky, so make sure you buy extra material to practice with first.

Wool is a go-to option for winter coats because it’s thick, comfortable, warm and visually appealing. Not to mention it’s a natural fabric that breathes well. Tweed is a fabric made from wool, which is great for blazers and menswear and provides options for texture and color.

Cashmere is an expensive choice but so chic. It will grab attention anywhere you go, and it's wonderfully silky. All in all, it's a joy to wear.

Mohair deserves consideration. As we see trends of decades past resurface, mohair is making waves too. Mohair has another property that sets it above the other options. It's so durable!

Faux fur can be an excellent fabric for a winter coat especially if you plan on attending a few fun events throughout the winter season.

Sewing Machines and Accessories

A good sewing machine will last you for years, so they are worth the investment. But when you’re working on things such as coats or other garments, you want a sewing machine with room to work. Find a machine that allows you to move the fabric at different angles and doesn’t get in your way.

So far as accessories, many crafters and hobbyists are moving away from pins and choosing to use fabric clips instead. You will also want a marking pen that will wash off of any fabric you choose and a measuring tape.

When you consider the fabrics that you'll use when making a winter coat you will also want to start with a new rotary blade or freshly sharpened scissors.

Finally, if you’re making a winter coat – you may be using a pattern, or you may be more experienced with making your own patterns. Check out GoldStar Tool’s pattern tutorial to design and create a winter coat pattern.

Tips for Creating Your Perfect Winter Coat

Consider the purpose of your coat and what you’ll need from it on a regular basis. Your coat can make an impression at a winter party or save you from the snow in the mornings. A winter coat should always be comfortable, warm and of course, you'll want it to look good too.

1.      Choose Your Material Well

There’s nothing worse than realizing a coat looks good but doesn't help with the cold at all! You'll want something with natural fibers for a winter coat.  Consider where you live, your occupation and how long you want to wear this coat. While the fabric costs more upfront, a handmade coat of quality fabric, perfectly tailored to your body would costs hundreds of dollars. Also, consider your hardware and choose quality zippers and buttons.

2.      Find the Cut that Works for You

A good cut can create a stunning silhouette that is flattering and stylish. Choose from classic cuts such as a pea coat, double-breasted jackets, duffel coats or oversize winter coats. The menswear-inspired styles are very popular right now. Ideally, a cut will emphasize your features and add a level of sophistication.

3.      Determine Your Style

The problem with coats is that they need to match most of your outfits and a few fancy ones too.  Check out your wardrobe and see if muted neutral tones, like black, grey or camel is ideal for getting the most usage. Or consider bold colors and textures if you’re looking for a statement.

Sewing a winter coat is a great project for any level and it’s a piece that can last a while. Check out GoldStar Tool’s sewing machines, pattern making tools and hardware to start working a new piece for your wardrobe.