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Best Grommet Tools and How to Choose the Best for You

As you become a more advanced sewist, you may want to elevate your creations with more impressive features. And some sewing projects need specific materials added in order to be useful for their intended purpose.

To take your sewing projects to the next level, you’ll need to add some special tools to your collection. Grommet tools are a great example of this. Grommet tools are designed to securely fasten grommets, or small metal rings meant for laces or ties, to various materials.

You can install many other metal features to your sewing projects with grommet tools, including studs, rivets, and clinches. Here is everything you need to know about these special tools that can fasten metal to even the thickest materials — including leather and denim.

What Types of Grommet Tools Are There?

Not sure which type of grommet tool is best for you and your sewing needs? There are two main types to choose between, and the key difference is the magnitude of projects you’re taking on in your personal sewing practice.


The manual grommet tool is the most common type. It’s handheld, relatively lightweight, and ideal for attaching metal pieces that are small in size and weight. If you are a casual sewist who isn’t attaching grommets or other metallic elements very often, a manual grommet tool might be all you need to complete the job.


The other type of grommet tool available is the pneumatic model. Pneumatic grommet tools are a piece of advanced electromagnetic machinery capable of handling all kinds of heavy-duty metallic elements on sewing projects, as well as features like rhinestones, rivets, and pearls.

If you regularly use grommets and other metallic features on your sewing projects, a pneumatic grommet tool is worth the investment. You can securely fasten grommets and other metal items of various sizes onto just about any material, no matter the thickness.

Most casual sewists don’t have a need for a pneumatic grommet tool. This machine is more expensive than smaller, manual grommet tools and requires its own upkeep. However, if your sewing habits change, you could always upgrade from a manual grommet tool to a pneumatic model by visiting GoldStar Tool.

Benefits of Grommet Tools

Many benefits can be gained when you use grommet tools for your sewing projects. The most significant benefit is that you’ll be able to install useful and practical features onto certain sewing projects.

For example, if you’re sewing a set of curtains, grommets are an essential part of the project in order to attach your curtains to your curtain rod.

Grommet tools are also vital for working with particularly thick materials, such as leather. While you can apply grommets and other metal pieces to some thinner materials using an eyelet grommet setting tool, this tool won’t work on thicker fabrics like leather.

Best Value Grommet Tools

Our GoldStar-brand manual grommet tools are a great place to start if you’re looking for your first grommet tool. These handheld tools are easy to use and made of cast iron, so you can feel sure that they’re built to last and can withstand plenty of wear and tear.

As long as you purchase the correct die sets alongside your grommet tool, you can install all kinds of metallic elements to your sewing projects, including grommets, rivets, buttons, and snaps.

We also offer the option to purchase your grommet tool with hundreds of grommets included, so you can get started upgrading your projects right away.

And if you’re looking for a pneumatic grommet tool for heavy-duty projects, our New Tech model is a great option to get started. This machine’s interchangeable dies make it possible to apply a wide variety of metal items and other hardware to your sewing projects. Additionally, this machine can handle large workloads and many hours of use.

Expand Your Sewing Kit at GoldStar Tool

Ready to elevate your sewing abilities and expand your DIY options? The first step is adding the right tools to your sewing kit. Browse grommet tools and much more online at GoldStar Tool.