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Can Sewing Machines Automatically Adjust Tension?

In the past, seamstresses using sewing machines had to do just about everything manually when it came to the functionality of the machine, including adjusting the thread tension themselves.

Over the generations, sewing machines have modernized significantly in many ways, and one of these ways is the ability of modern machines to automatically adjust the thread tension. This makes using sewing machines easier and quicker overall, though many crafters value the skill of fixing the thread tension on their sewing machines themselves.

What Is Automatic Tension?

Automatic tension is just what it sounds like: a system of controls built into your sewing machine that keeps your thread at the proper tension for your sewing projects without having to adjust it periodically yourself.

In most machines, the system monitors the thickness of your fabric and your stitch pattern to make sure your thread doesn’t pucker with too much tension or create loose stitches with too little. While some auto tension systems need feedback or monitoring from you during sewing, truly automatic systems will work without any user feedback.

Manual Tension Control vs. Auto Tension Control

Manually monitoring and changing the thread tension on your sewing machine gives you a great deal of control over your stitch pattern and the tightness of your stitches.

Like most manual features of any machine, it does require more work on your part to make sure your thread stays at the proper tension throughout your project. However, once you get the hang of manually adjusting your thread tension, it’s easy to do and usually doesn’t have to be done too many times within a single sewing project.

With automatic tension control, you can let your sewing machine do the work of adjusting your thread for you. This feature is particularly useful for projects that use multiple types of fabric, as it could be a pain to have to manually adjust the thread tensions between fabric changes.

How Can I Find a Sewing Machine with Auto Tension?

Many major sewing machine brands offer models with automatic tension systems these days. Shopping online is a great way to peruse all of the different models for sale. However, if you prefer to test out your machines before purchase, you can visit a sewing machine dealer near you.

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