Kids Craft Series: Cat Friend

Kids Craft Series: Cat Friend

The children are home from school, and it can seem a little lonely without their friends. These are the times when you can put your scrap stash to good use and make a buddy for your little one. 

New toys are always fun to create, and it seems like each one comes with their own personality. 


You will need some very colorful scraps, and it's even more fun if you have differently textured materials. Then you’ll need some buttons for eyes, black embroidery thread, felt, and filler or stuffing. 

The pieces are very basic to cut:

  • 4 of the same oblong (but squared on one end) strips for legs 
  • 4 more slightly shorter for the arms
  • 2 big rounded shapes with a squared bottom for the body
  • 4 triangular earpieces
  • 1 felt triangle for a nose
  • 2 rounded strips for a tail
  • 1 Heart piece

Now, Start Sewing

  • It’s always easier to start on the body first, so sew on the cat friend’s eyes, nose, and mouth with the embroidery thread. 
  • Stitch his heart into place with a big, bold running stitch. 
  • Then sew the ears leaving the bottoms open, turn and give them a top stitch to help them keep their shape and give them the tiniest bit of stuffing. 
  • Then sew all the legs, arms, and tail with the right-sides together. Turn them, stuff them, and then press the pieces at the ends. 
  • Pin the ears and hands onto the (right-side) front part of the body, then sandwich them with the back body piece and sew all around the edges, leaving his bottom open. 
  • Turn and stuff your cat buddy. 
  • Give the bottom edge a small turn inward, place the legs in, and sew him together. Finally, hand-sew the tail on a bit off to the side of his bottom. 

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