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DIY Bunnies for Your Kid’s Easter Baskets!

With spring on the way, it’s time to start thinking about all of the fun DIY Easter decorations you can make. These homemade floppy bunnies are an adorable addition to your kid’s Easter basket. Plus, they’re very easy to make with your sewing machine and a few simple tools. 

Supplies and Tools 

Here are the supplies you’ll need to get started:

  • One fat quarter (1/4 yard) of cotton fabric in any print
  • Six-inch square scrap of felt
  • 9” x 7” scrap of fleece
  • 6” x 10” scrap of knit
  • Polyfil
  • Embroidering thread

 Here are the tools you should have: 

Download DIY Floppy Bunny Template

 Now you’re ready to create your custom floppy bunny this Easter!


1. Place the facepiece just below the body’s top edge and center, and pin it in place. Create a straight stitch all around with your sewing machine. Small stitches work best for a smooth curve along the piece.

2. Place the heart piece on the body in a location of your choice. Set your sewing machine to blanket stitch, reduce both width and length slightly, and stitch around the heart’s edge to attach to the body.

3. Stack the tailpieces on top of each other and attach them to the back of the body on the bottom side.

4. Position the facepiece into your embroidery hoop. Then, make small back stitches with your embroidering thread and needle to create the details of the face. You can use a heat-erasing pen to draw lines as guides.

5. Match the earpieces with wrong sides connecting and make a straight stitch around the edges with your sewing machine. Clip them and turn the ears right-side out. You may need to use a pin to pull out all of the points of the ears. Then, fold them in half and stitch along the center of the ear at the bottom for one inch.

6. Fold the knit fabric hot dog style and tie one end in a knot to create arms and legs. Repeat this four times. 

7. Stitch the arms and legs to the body with a quarter seam allowance.

8. Clip the corners and curves and turn the body right side out, fill with stuffing, and stitch the opening closed.

And there you have it! Your DIY floppy Easter bunny! For more home crafting ideas and sewing machine tips, check out Goldstar Tool. Contact us if you have any questions!