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DIY Colorblocking Pillows

Colorblocking pillows are an easy DIY sewing machine project to add accent colors to couches and chairs. Mix and match colors and fabrics to keep a rotating variety of colors and patterns to match the season, holiday, or your preferences. 


You’ll need:

  • Red yarn (for tassel)
  • ¼ a yard of dark brown fabric
  • ¼ a yard of yellow fabric
  • ¼ a yard of beige fabric
  • Sewing machine and sewing supplies

This example uses autumn colors, but you can choose any colors you like! 

Cut Fabric

From the beige material, cut:

  • 1 triangle 10” × 10” × 14”
  • 1 back piece 7” × 14”
  • 1 back piece 10” × 14”

Also, make sure you cut one yellow triangle measuring 10” × 10” × 14” and one dark brown triangle measuring 14” × 14” × 20” for accenting.

Sew Triangles with Sewing Machine

For each beige back piece, fold and iron a seam 1” from the longer edge. Then open the fold and refold by 0.5” and iron (so that the edge of the short fold lines up with where the one-inch fold mark had been). Use your sewing machine to sew the folded edge. 

Take the two small triangles (beige and yellow) and put the right sides together. With the sewing machine sew the shorter edge using a ⅜” seam allowance. Open and iron the seam to one side. 

Place this bigger triangle atop the brown triangle so that the right sides of the triangles align. Use your sewing machine to sew the long edge with a ⅜-inch allowance. 

When you are finished, you should have a square. Half of the square should be a brown triangle, and the other half should be beige and yellow triangles. 

Make a Tassel 

Make the tassel by wrapping the red yard around and around your hand until you think it is thick enough. Slide the yarn wrap off. While holding the top together, cut the bottom.

To hold the tendrils together, tie a knot around the middle. Then wrap one string of yarn 0.5” from the top and tie a knot. This will form a “bump.” Hand-stitch the tassel in the middle of the front of the pillow where the three colors meet. 

Putting It Together 

Put the large beige back piece on top of the front piece so that the right sides face each other.  Then, place the smaller beige back piece on the top right side down. The middle should have a “flap.” Use your sewing machine to sew all the way around the edge. 

Trim the corners and turn it right side out. 

Once you press the seams and insert a pillow, you are finished. Now you have a lovely themed block pillow to add a splash of color to a bedroom or living room. 

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