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DIY Cuffed Christmas Stockings!

Christmas is a fun time of year that brings family and friends together across the map. It’s also a chance to get out the seasonal decor and bring the home to life in color!

This year, consider upgrading your holiday aesthetic by incorporating a few DIY cuffed Christmas stockings. You can always alter this pattern or adjust the fabric for a funkier, more modern look if you’d like. 

Either way, these DIY cuffed Christmas stockings are sure to inspire a festive approach to the season. Grab your gear and get started!

Materials You’ll Need to Create DIY Cuffed Christmas Stockings

There are some important materials you’ll want to gather to get this project underway. Make sure you grab:

  • Your favorite fabric
  • White muslin
  • Coordinating thread
  • Rotary cutter and mat
  • One-inch pom pom trim
  • Ribbon
  • Fabric hot glue
  • Sewing machine
  • Iron
  • Pins
  • Shears
  • Christmas stocking pattern
  • Serger

Once you have everything in place, you’re well on your way to creating unique DIY cuffed Christmas stockings everyone is sure to love.

Step-by-Step Instructions 

1. Print off the pattern pieces.

2. Use the patterns to cut one outside front piece and one outside back piece from your favorite fabric.

3. Use the patterns to cut two inside lining pieces from your muslin.

4. Cut fabric for the cuff using a rotary cutter and mat that measures 10 X 13.5 inches.

5. Position one of the muslin pieces on a flat surface and place an outside fabric piece on top face up. Make sure all raw edges are aligned.

6. Layer the second outside piece face down, then layer the second muslin piece on top.

7. Pin through all of the layers to secure the pieces in place.

8. Serge around the stacked pieces. Leave the top opening unstitched and set the assembled main stocking aside.

9. Fold the stocking cuff piece in half and pin the edges.

10. Serge or stitch along the short edge so that the piece forms a tube.

11. Press the tube flat, then fold the bottom edge of the tube up through the inside. This folds the piece in half with the wrong sides facing.

12. Cut a six-inch length of ribbon and form it into a loop.

13. Place the main stocking on the work surface wrong-side out. The toe of the stocking should be facing the preferred direction.

14. Pin the loop face down to the top raw edge of the stocking. This is about half an inch from the outside seam.

15. Serge around the stacked pieces, leaving the top opening unstitched.

16. Slip the cuff down over the top of the stocking. Make sure the seamed side is lined up with the side the ribbon is on.

17. Pin the raw edges together.

18. Baste the cuff to the stocking using a 1/8-inch stitch from the edge.

19. Remove all of the pins and serge the pieces together.

20. Turn the stocking right side out.

21. Press it flat with an iron.

22. Fold the cuff down and press again.

23. Lay the stocking face up on a work surface and fold the cuff up.

24. Use hot fabric glue to adhere a strip of pom trim to the back of the cuff, allowing the tassels and poms to hang over the top edge.

25. Fold the cuff back down.

Once you’ve folded the cuff down, your DIY Christmas stocking is complete!

Goldstar Tool

This DIY cuffed Christmas stocking is a great way to bring some decorative spirit to the holidays. We’d also love to see your finished product on Instagram and Facebook when it’s ready to hang up! If you need the materials to get started, contact Goldstar Tool today.