DIY Fabric Curtains

DIY Fabric Curtains

A set of custom curtains can add a pop of personality and flair to any room. Are you thinking about making curtains but having trouble getting started? These DIY fabric curtains are great for crafters with a little experience and take roughly three hours to complete.

Materials You’ll Need

In addition to your fabric of choice, the tools you’ll need for these DIY fabric curtains are:

  • Sewing machine and thread

  • Fabric scissors and marker

  • Ruler and tape measure

  • Straight pins

  • Iron

With these items in hand, you’ll be ready to get started!

How to Make Fabric Curtains with a Sewing Machine

Begin by measuring your window space from the floor to the curtain rod, add seven inches to this total, and double it to make sure you have enough fabric for two window panels. Lay the fabric pieces out, trim any loose edges, and cut eight five-inch square pieces.

To create the facing piece to keep tabs hidden, cut your fabric five inches by the panel’s width. Double this for two panels.

Fold both five by five-inch tab pieces in half (right sides touching) and use your sewing machine to stitch them with a half-inch seam. Turn out the right sides and use your iron to press.

For the facing pieces, fold two inches in on the short edges, press with your iron, and unfold. Fold in half to the line you pressed and stitch, pressing one of the long edges to form a half-inch crease with the other edge left raw.

Lay out your drapery pieces, press long edges in by two inches, turn under at one inch, and stitch. Then, make sure your pressed tabs are equally spaced along the shorter edge. Using your straight pins, attach the tabs in place on the fabric’s front side, apply pins between the tab pieces, and then stitch a seam across at a half-inch width.

Fold your tabs and outward-facing piece to the backside of the panels and press with your iron. Stitch across the panel’s width with a half-inch seam, tucking beneath the tabs’ ends as you need to.

Finally, hem the bottoms of each curtain panel, and you’re ready to hang your DIY curtains. Use pins and your ruler to check if your bottom stitches are straight.

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