DIY Fall Leaves Coasters

DIY Fall Leaves Coasters

As fall rolls around and the leaves change, there are so many creative and easy ways to include themes and images of the season in your home decor, allowing your family to feel all the coziness and warmth that autumn can bring. 

If you’re on the lookout for a new sewing project and an undertaking that’s beginner-friendly, there are so many fun fall options to choose from, including homemade fall leaves coasters.

These coasters are so cute and cozy that you’ll want to use them all year-round, though they’ll particularly get you in the mood for a chilly fall day. You’ll only need a few key materials and basic sewing ability to create the perfect fall leaves coasters to suit your decor. 

How to Make Fabric Fall Leaves Coasters

Make sure to gather all of your materials before you get started on your project. For fall leaves coasters, you’ll need multiple types of cotton fabric (with patterns of your choosing) that will be sewn onto the fronts, and backs of the coasters, as well as wool, felt, and your typical sewing supplies.

Make sure that your cotton fabric has been thoroughly washed and pressed before you begin. 

Step-by-Step Instructions

Unless you feel confident cutting accurate leaf shapes out of your fabric without a guide, you’ll need a leaf-shaped template to help you. You can find an existing template online or create your own based on the desired shape and size of your coasters. 

Cut out three equally sized squares, two from your cotton fabric and one from your wool felt. Make sure to base the size of your squares on the size of your leaf template to ensure that the template can fit comfortably inside the squares. 

Place your template onto the squares and carefully trace with a pencil or pen. Since your template will only give you the outline, you’ll have to add the inner veins of the leaf yourself. Use this opportunity to let your inner artist shine and get creative!

Cut your leaf shapes out of your fabrics and place the two pieces of cotton fabric on either side of the wool felt. Make sure the layers are pinned together to keep them in place before you carefully sew the three layers together. 

Now, all you have to do is place a hot apple cider on top of your fall leaves coaster, and you’re ready to embrace the season!

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