Kids Craft Series: DIY Felt Easter Baskets

Kids Craft Series: DIY Felt Easter Baskets

Say goodbye to cheap and bulky baskets, and make your own beautiful Easter basket to use year after year. While the kids are home, it's a great time to prep for Easter, and maybe have a few trial-runs with the little ones. This craft includes instructions to make a basket template.


Elmer's Glue

12" x 18" Craft Felt - In Any Fun Color!

Wax Paper

Yarn or Ribbon to Complement the Felt

Sewing Pins

Baking Sheet 

Basket Template

Template Instructions:

  1. For the basket template, start by measuring and drawing about an 11"x 6" rectangle. Add two small triangles, about 1’’ height and 2’’ wide, to the top and bottom across one edge of the longest side of the rectangle. 
  2. In the end, it should look like the front of a very basically sketched castle. Then, cut around the template. On the inner corners of the two triangles, you'll mark a slit cutting about 2.5 to 3-inches inward. 

Easter Basket Instructions:

  1. Lay felt down on your baking sheet. Then, mix ¼ cup of glue and a ¼ cup of water within a thick grocery bag, and then dip the felt into the mixture. Keep the felt in and press it until it is completely saturated. Then wring it out and set it on top of the wax paper. Blot away the excess with a hand towel that you can throw straight into the wash.
  2. Let the felt dry overnight.
  3. When your felt is dry, you can cut it to match your template. Pin the template over the fabric, cut into the slits, and then punch holes into each of the corners on the extended portions of the templates.
  4. Take your yarn or ribbon and tie a dainty bow! Now you're all set for Easter or maybe a Pre-Easter Egg Hunt!

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