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DIY Floor Runner

Floor runners are one of those simple yet powerful features of a home that can turn a plain, uninspired living room or foyer into a cozy, inviting space perfect for creating a sense of welcome for your guests. They are also a great way to make a slippery floor safer for little ones and pets and to protect your flooring from scuffs or scratches.

If you have a sewing machine and are interested in getting into crafting, this DIY floor runner is a great way to get started. This craft doesn’t require any experience and only needs a few materials to complete, making it the perfect foray into crafting for beginners.

Additionally, you can make this DIY floor runner as customizable as you want using different colors and materials, and the total time expectation is less than an hour.

What Materials Do I Need?

This DIY floor runner is made up of multiple individual rugs — the patterns and materials of which are completely up to you in order to perfectly fit your interior décor.

To begin, you’ll need four area rugs that are roughly 22”x33” (you can go bigger or smaller depending on the size of the area you’re trying to cover). You’ll also need your sewing machine, an upholstery needle, and colored thread that matches your rugs.

How to Make a DIY Floor Runner with Your Sewing Machine

Start your DIY floor runner by gathering all of your materials and laying out your rugs in the order that you’d like them to be in once your floor runner is finished. You’ll be using a whipstitch to connect the long sides of your rugs together.

Stitch through one rug’s bottom and then down through the top of the rug next to it. Then, circle back through the bottom of the first and make a secure knot at the seam’s end.

To finish the craft, all you have to do is repeat this step until all of your area rugs are connected to form the finished product. This DIY floor runner can be easily folded for quick and convenient storage.

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