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DIY Holiday Family Pajamas!

When the holidays are just around the corner, gift-giving is always top of mind for everyone. This year, consider getting everyone you love something that helps them look their seasonal best with DIY holiday family pajamas!

These DIY holiday family pajamas are a lot simpler to create than you might imagine. All you’ll need is about three hours and a passion for putting your creativity to work.

Materials You’ll Need to Make DIY Holiday Family Pajamas

When you’re excited to get started on your DIY holiday family pajamas, you’ll want to gather a few things beforehand. Make sure to grab:

  • A pair of old pajama pants
  • Two yards of flannel fabric
  • One-quarter yard of different flannel fabric for the trim
  • Ten inches of the third type of flannel fabric for the drawstring
  • One-inch elastic
  • Marker
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Needle and thread
  • Ruler
  • Cotton shirt
  • Iron

Once these items are gathered, you’re ready to get crafting!

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Cut your old pajama pants apart at the seams to create four pieces. This makes two front pieces and two back pieces.

2. Place one front piece and one back piece on top of your folded two yards of main flannel fabric. The flannel will be folded in half.

3. Trace around each piece and cut it out to create four pieces. This includes two front pieces and two back pieces of primary flannel fabric.

4. Place one front piece and one back piece together and line up the straight sides.

5. Sew the pieces together following the long, straight edge.

6. Repeat steps four and five for the remaining two pieces of fabric.

7. Line up the sewn pieces with ride sides toward each other.

8. Sew the pieces together.

9. Measure across the top circumferences of the new pajama pants.

10. Cut a piece of trim flannel fabric to that exact measurement with a 4.5-inch width.

11. Fold the fabric for the trim, so the right sides are facing each other.

12. Sew the fabric into a loop.

13. Turn the loop right-sides out and fold it in half lengthwise.

14. Sew the edge of the folded trim to the top edge of the pajama pants.

15. Repeat steps 9 through 14 to create trim for the bottom of each pant leg, as well.

16. Pinpoint the middle seam on the top of the pants and measure two inches above the trim.

17. Measure one inch to each side of that point.

18. Mark these points and make a small cut at each point with scissors.

19. Take a needle and thread and sew around the border of the cuts. This enforces the fabric for the drawstring you’ll be adding.

20.  Cut the 10-inch drawstring fabric in half lengthwise to create equal pieces.

21. Fold one side in half and sew the open end shut. Repeat with the other piece.

22. Turn both pieces right side out.

23. Measure 10 to 20 inches of elastic and cut to size.

24. Attach one piece of drawstring fabric to each end of the elastic and sew them together.

25. Pull the drawstring through the trim on the pants.

26. Add decorative extras to a cotton shirt to make a matching top according to preference.

With that, your holiday pajamas are ready to wear! Create a set for everyone in your family, and make sure to get the photo to go along with the final product.

Goldstar Tool

These DIY holiday family pajamas are cute, comfortable, and sure to be a hit! We’d love to see your product on our Instagram and Facebook pages when it’s finished! When you’re looking for materials to get started on this project, reach out to Goldstar Tool.