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DIY Jewelry Holder

Traveling with your jewelry can be difficult. When you have necklaces and bracelets with thin chains mixed with rings, earrings, and accessories, it’s easy for your items to get tangled up in transit or even lost if they’re left loose in your bag.

With this DIY jewelry holder, you’ll never have to worry about your jewelry becoming tangled or misplaced again. Now you’ll be able to fully enjoy your travels this summer while keeping your jewelry close by and ready to wear. What’s more, this DIY jewelry holder is a fun craft to make and only requires a few materials.

Materials Needed

In addition to your sewing machine, you will need:

  • Batting

  • Fabric in contrasting patterns or colors

  • Fabric marker (disappearing ink)

  • Embroidery floss

  • Safety pins for quilting

  • Bias tape

  • Thin cotton ribbon

Make sure your sewing machine is outfitted with all of the proper parts as well before beginning this craft.

How to Make Your DIY Jewelry Holder

Start by cutting both your batting and fabric to 20”x10”. Sandwich your batting pieces between your fabric pieces while each is right-side up, and add your quilting safety pins approximately every 4” around the edges to secure.

Take your fabric marker and mark a horizontal center line as well as small marks around the edge in 1/8” increments to make sure your stitching is even. Stitch around the edges using your sewing machine and embroidery floss.

From the short side, measure 2 1/2” and mark a vertical line. Repeat this every 5”, and stitch using your embroidery floss. Make sure to remove your pins once your stitching is finished.

Take 10” pieces of ribbon and fold them in half. Pin the fold to your main fabric’s raw edge and sew your bias tape around the perimeter to bind the raw edges. You can hand-sew ribbons inside to create bracelet and earring holders.

To make a closure, use a length of ribbon that can encircle the entire bag multiple times (this should be around 30” long).

Now you have your completed DIY jewelry holder, perfect for all of your travel needs (and a cute accessory to boot).

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