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DIY Knit Sweater Mug Holder

Everyone loves a nice cup of coffee or tea when they’re on the go, and there’s nothing cuter than a little sweater for your mug during the chilly fall season. A knit sweater mug holder can do more than just accessorize your favorite coffee tumbler; it can protect your hands from the hot surface if your beverage has just been poured or your metal tumbler has been sitting in the sun for a while. 

Looking for easy and budget-friendly ways to celebrate the season with your everyday items? This knit sweater mug holder craft is for you. Not to mention, it’ll give you a chance to make something new out of that old sweater you haven’t worn in a while!

How to Make a Coffee Mug Sweater with Your Sewing Machine

Making a sweater for your to-go coffee mug is easy, fun, and eco-friendly. Among your collection of old sweaters, you may want to go for one with slightly tighter elastic sleeves to make sure it’ll fit around your tumbler. 

Materials and Instructions

You’ll need one sleeve of an old sweater, a small ribbon roughly half of an inch wide, fabric glue, a large button, and your sewing machine. 

Make sure your sweater sleeve has enough length to cover your entire coffee tumbler; you can test this before you cut it off to begin. 

Additionally, the craft typically looks best with the end of the sweater sleeve folded over, so make sure you account for that additional fabric in your measurements. 

Once you’ve cut the sleeve, it’s time to fold the edge underneath itself and neatly sew the hem closed. We recommend using long stitches without too much tension to make sure that the sweater’s material doesn’t experience much stretching at the bottom where your coffee cup will go. 

Measure a length of ribbon that fits nicely around the base of your coffee mug sweater, cut it, and apply it with your fabric glue. The ribbon is a nice touch that really makes the craft feel festive. Plus, it covers up the seam for a smooth, finished appearance. 

Glue your button near the top of your sweater coffee mug holder where the folded sleeve ends to complete the sweater look. You can also hand-sew the button into the fabric to ensure that it’ll stay. Though sweater sleeves tend to look best, you can also use a sock for your coffee mug sweater!

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