DIY Reversible Sun Hat

DIY Reversible Sun Hat

Sun hats are vital during a day at the beach or any outdoor activity. Are you in need of a stylish new sun hat but don’t want to pay retail prices? With this DIY reversible sun hat, you can make your own unique and stylish sun hat for a fraction of the price — plus, no one else at the beach or the pool will have the same one!

Materials You’ll Need

To make this craft, you’ll need a few simple materials, including:

  • Sewing machine

  • Linen, fusible interfacing, quilting cotton, and trim

  • Iron and ironing board

  • Pins

  • Scissors and pencil

  • Press cloth

Your DIY reversible sun hat shouldn’t take more than three hours to make.

How to Make a DIY Reversible Sun Hat with a Sewing Machine

Small to medium hats will generally measure around 22.5 inches around the inside, while medium to large hats are closer to 24.3 inches.

Iron your fusible interfacing piece to the linen’s backside and the quilting cotton. Then, you’ll cut all of the pieces you need from both the cotton and the fused linen. You’ll need three pieces for the brim, three for the crown, and one piece for the top.

Get your sewing machine ready and then pin and stitch the linen brim’s short edges together using a backstitch. Do the same to the crown’s short edges and press the seams open with your iron. Repeat for your pieces of quilting cotton.

With the sewn-up crown piece right side up, tuck the crown in the brim piece with its larger opening lightly touching the brim’s center opening. Pin the seams and stitch with a quarter-inch seam allowance. Repeat with your pieces of cotton.

With sewn pieces wrong side up, pin your top piece to the crown with all markings matched to the seams. Stitch around the hat’s top with a quarter-inch seam allowance and repeat with the quilting cotton. Now’s the time to add optional trim around the hat’s brim using an eighth-inch seam.

With the linen piece wrong side up and the cotton piece right side up, center the linen seams on the prim panels of the cotton. Sew around the hat’s brim and then add some topstitching around the brim with the hat turned right side out.

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