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DIY Summer Skirt

Ah, summer — a time for cute outfits that are airy and light. In the spirit of enjoying warm weather, here’s how to make your own adorable summer skirt from the fabric of your choice!

What You’ll Need

To make your summer skirt, you have to start with quality materials. How much and what kind? That depends on the size of your skirt. Take your waistline measurement, add 12 inches and divide by 36. Have a 35-inch waist? Then you’ll need 1.3 yards of fabric.

You’ll also need elastic. So add half an inch to your waistline to get the length you’ll need. For that hypothetical 35-inch waist, you’ll need 35.5 inches.

So you should buy:

  • 1½ yards of cotton fabric

  • A roll of 1-inch wide elastic

A roll of elastic will have more than enough for your skirt. Preshrink your fabric by running it through the wash, too. Now it’s time to make the skirt!

Crafting Your Skirt

Take your waist measurement and again add 12 inches. For the 35-inch waist, that’s 47 inches. Divide in half for 23.5 inches. Now, with your fabric folded with the selvages placed together, cut a pair of pieces of fabric perpendicular to the selvage. They should be 23.5 inches (or whatever your width is).

Now, how long do you want your skirt to be? Let’s say 22 inches. You’ll need to leave some wiggle room later, so add 2.5 inches to this number. Cut your fabric at the selvage, and you’ll have two pieces that are 23.5 inches by 24.5 inches.

Pin the right sides of your fabric pieces together. Stitch down the sides with a ½-inch seam. Now you have a loop that’s kind of looking like a skirt. Stitch the edge over in a zig-zag pattern and press the seams to one side. Take the top edge, fold it under 1½ inches, and press to make a waistband.

Open, fold under ¼ inch, turn the waistband under, and pin. Stitch near the inner fold, and leave a 1½-inch opening for the elastic. If you’re careful, you can leave the elastic in the waistband before stitching, but a better way is to feed it through afterward. Use a safety pin to keep the elastic from bunching up as you push.

Once the elastic is through, overlap the ends by an inch and stitch them together. Make sure the elastic is hidden, and then stitch the opening shut.

Now stitch through the waistband and the elastic to ensure it stays put. Fold under the bottom edge 1 inch. Press. Tuck in the raw edge and press. You’ll have a half-inch hem. Stitch the inner fold shut. Wear your skirt. Feel happy.

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