DIY Your Own Toilet Seat Covers

DIY Your Own Toilet Seat Covers

There are so many ways to personalize your home décor and make it feel completely unique to you. However, when most people think of adding a personal touch, they might consider hanging a family photo over the mantle or designing a unique flower arrangement for the dining table. 

Many don’t stop and think that the toilet seat cover in their bathroom could be a great opportunity to personalize, too!

A custom-designed toilet seat cover can get expensive, especially when you want fancier materials. Luckily, a unique and stylish toilet seat cover is easy to make at home with some fabric of your choice and a few simple steps.   

What You’ll Need 

For this craft, the result will depend largely on what material you choose. We recommend easily washable fabric for your toilet seat, and we also recommend pre-washing the fabric to ensure that you get the best fit. 

Before you begin, gather the following:

  • Scissors
  • A sewing machine
  • A pencil
  • One yard of elastic
  • Approximately one yard of your fabric of choice

Now you’re ready to jazz up your bathroom!

Step-by-Step Instructions   

1. Take the seat off of your toilet by the hinges.

2. Place the toilet seat on your fabric’s reverse side and trace the shape using a pencil. Make sure to leave a buffer of about two inches outside the lines you trace.

3. Remove the toilet seat and carefully cut out the shape you traced, making sure to leave the two-inch buffer as intact as possible.

4. Wrap your elastic around the circumference of your toilet seat and cut it at a perfect fit, extending from curved edge to curved edge. Do not include the straight edge that has the hinges in this measurement.

5. Once you have your elastic cut to the right length, take your sewing machine and sew your elastic onto the edge of your fabric along the curved line that you traced. Remember to not attach any of your elastic to the straight edge of the fabric cutout.

6. Using your sewing machine, hem the rough edges on the fabric’s straight edge to create a polished look.

7. Reattach your toilet seat to its hinges and place the fabric cover over it. This unique and stylish cover is easy to remove and wash anytime you need to.

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