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DIY Tooth Fairy Pocket

A visit from the tooth fairy is always an exciting time in your child’s life. Love the tooth fairy tradition but worried that something so small might get lost overnight? 

DIY tooth fairy pockets are a great way to make sure your child’s tooth stays secure and that you have a safe place to put the tooth fairy’s money — plus, they look super cute and your whole family will love them! 

These tooth fairy pockets only require a sewing machine and a few additional supplies. Enlist your little helper to make this craft a fun family activity!

What You’ll Need 

Here are the supplies you will need to get started: 

  • Multiple colors of craft felt
  • Thread in coordinating colors
  • Tooth design template
  • Scissors
  • Fusible web
  • Iron 

It’s time to pull out your sewing machine and get started with this craft! 

How to Make a DIY Tooth Fairy Pocket with a Sewing Machine 

Using your tooth-shaped template, trace your tooth design on a white felt piece and cut it out. Use this to cut a piece of fusible web into the same tooth shape, adhere them together, and use an iron to attach the tooth shape to your colored felt piece. 

Fold your colored felt piece in half to form the shape of the pocket, leaving one edge longer than the other to create the opening fold. Iron the entire piece of felt to make sure it’s as flat as possible for sewing. This will ensure that you don’t need pins to keep your opening flap down while sewing.  

Using your sewing machine, stitch the bottom and the two longer sides of the pocket together. 

If you’re not worried about the opening flap staying closed, you can leave it unstitched. Otherwise, stitch the very top of the flap piece so that you can still open it and access the pocket. This will give the entire craft a more finished look. Be careful not to sew the pocket closed. 

Find More Creative Crafts

Now you have a customized tooth fairy pocket that will make losing baby teeth a bit more fun and rewarding for your kids. You could even repeat this craft on a few different colors of felt to have some options the next time your child has a tooth to leave for the tooth fairy! Visit us at GoldStar Tool for more fun and easy sewing machine crafts.