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DIY - Towel Beach Bag

With a beach towel backpack combo, your kids can all carry your tools without any stress or frustration! It's a beach-goers dream come true! These beach towel backpacks are adorable and pretty easy, even for new crafters.  

As a bonus, you'll be recycling two beach towels, which means less bulk in your closet too! 

To get started, gather these supplies: 

  • One large towel or beach towel
  • A hand towel in a matching or coordinating pattern/color.
  • 20-inches of cotton webbing
  • Sewing machine – or exceptional hand-sewing skills

Your initial step will be to cut two 10-inch pieces of cotton webbing and then pin them into place on the hand towel. The straps should level right under that top hem or roll on the hand towel. Most hand towels are about 20-inches, which means that the cotton webbing straps should come about half-way down the towel. Straight stitch across the top and bottom of the webbing to create your straps. 

Fold the hand towel in half and sew up the sides so that the top is still open. Then, take that fancy towel bag you just made and line up the top of the tote to the larger towel, on the "wrong side" if your towel has a pattern. 

Use a 1-inch fold to mark a lip on the outer edge and sew the top of the towel to the top of the tote. Make sure to sew along the side that does not have the straps. Now you can fold the sides in and fold the towel into the tote!