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DIY Trick-or-Treat Bag

The time of year for DIY Halloween crafting is here! Get your sewing machine out, and prepare for the spooky holiday by making cute trick-or-treat bags the kids can use for many years. Read on to learn some tips for making DIY trick-or-treat bags.

Choose Your Fabrics and Pattern

When you’re looking for a pattern to follow, choose one that will be easy to complete with a simple sewing machine. Many sewers enjoy using a gift bag pattern to create a nice boxy, roomy bag.

The Pattern

If you’re a beginner, look for a gift bag pattern that doesn’t require you to box the corners separately. You want to be able to fold the fabric in a way that gives you boxed corners. However, if you prefer, you can always make your bags the traditional way and box the corners as you sew.

The Fabrics

As for fabrics, choose a decorative fabric in bright colors that won’t fade. Many people like to use a couple of fabrics for the top and bottom of the bag’s sides, then a third fabric for the inner lining. Be careful not to choose fabrics that are too thin or too thick.

For the average Halloween bag, you’ll need about half a yard of fabric.

Cutting Your Pieces

Follow the instructions for measuring the sizes of the fabric pieces you will use. Then, cut out your pieces according to the pattern you are using. For a gift bag pattern, you’ll typically need two pieces in one color or design, one piece in another color/design, and two pieces of a third color or design.

Cut another piece according to the instructions for the lining, and choose whichever fabric you’d like for the handles. Of course, you’ll need to cut two pieces for two handles.


Piece the prints using a ¼” seam allowance with your sewing machine. Ensure your pieces are inside-out before you begin sewing to hide the fabric edges!

You’ll sew together the largest pieces of fabric to be the front and back of the bag, joined by the bottom fabric piece and the two matching side pieces. Specific instructions for every step will be included with the pattern you select.

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