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DIY Trick-or-Treat Halloween Banner

When fall is in the air, you know Halloween isn’t too far behind. This DIY trick-or-treat banner is easy to make, and you don’t need a sewing machine (although one may be helpful for a particular seam). 

This craft activity makes excellent use of Halloween fabric scraps. The banner is easy to make, and if you like how yours turns out, you can make some as gifts for your friends and family. 

Again, there is only one seam you would need to use a sewing machine for, which you can skip if you want. However, using the sewing machine for this seam will give the banner a neater appearance.

Materials You Need

You’ll need the following:

  • Scraps of Halloween fabric for the letters
  • A 20-inch dowel rod
  • Iron
  • A ¼-inch steam-a-seam
  • Ribbon 
  • A piece of paper-backed fusible web
  • Scissors 
  • Halloween buttons (optional)

You and your child can pick out a variety of fun fabric scraps together. 

Simple Steps to Complete

Once you have the materials, follow these simple steps to assemble your Halloween banner. 

Step 1: Trace the Letters

Print out a template and trace out the words “Trick or Treat” onto a paper-backed fusible web. 

Step 2: Cut Out the Letters

Loosely cut the letters out and press them on the wrong side of the fabrics. Then, cut the letters more precisely before using them on the cloth.

Step 3: Canvas Banner

Measure the center on the 18-inch side of your 18” x 24” piece of fabric. Mark the spot. 

Measure down 18 inches on each of the 24-inch sides of the fabric. Mark the spot. 

Draw a line from the 18-inch mark to the fabric center. Do this for both 18-inch marks. 

Cut along these lines. 

Fold the raw edges of all sides over except for the top 3/8-inch seam and press. Use a piece of steam-a-seam to hold the hem in place (you could use your sewing machine). 

Step 4: Place the Letters

For the dowel pocket, fold down one inch on the top of the banner and stitch a straight line along the raw edge (you can use your sewing machine). 

Place the letters, then peel off the paper backing. Iron the paper in place. 

Step 5: Add Buttons and Tie Off

Add the Halloween buttons where you like (if you want), tie a piece of ribbon on either end of the dowel rod for hanging, and voila!

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