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Eco-Friendly Reusable Makeup Removers Pads

If you wear makeup, you likely buy disposable makeup remover pads all the time. Not only are you spending money on something you will use for a few minutes and then throw away, the product ultimately ends up in the landfill where it takes 100 years to break down on average. 

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. With a sewing machine, you can easily make your own make-up remover pads that are gentle on the skin and easy to clean in the laundry. These versions are better for your wallet and the environment. They also make lovely gifts!


When choosing fabric, be careful about choosing fabric with bold colors. These can bleed onto white, and the dyes can be harmful to your skin. Cotton is a great choice, and white flannel makes a good back. For this simple DIY, you need only a few things:

  • Fabric for front
  • Back fabric
  • Sewing machine and sewing supplies

You can also color-coordinate the thread. 

Prepare and Cut Fabric

Wash, dry, and iron the fabrics you’ve chosen. Use a rotary cutter and mat to cut the front fabric into circles with 3.5-inch diameters. Cut as many circles as you’d like to have for the finished pads. Cut an equal number from the back material. 

Assemble Circles

Take a patterned circle, place the pattern face down on a white circle. Use a pin or two to hold the circles together. 

Apply Sewing Machine

Use your sewing machine to stitch around each individual circle using a ¼-inch seam allowance; however, leave a one-inch opening on the middle of one side. Then snip the excess fabric from the corners to make the circles less bulky.  

Reverse and Press

Use the opening to turn the circle right side out. Carefully push out the corners with a turning tool. Fold the edges of the opening in and press with an iron. 

Top Stitch with Sewing Machine

Position the circle on the sewing machine and topstitch around the entire circle within ⅛” (or less if you prefer) of the edge. Repeat for all the pads. 

Use and Care for Your Pads

To use, simply squirt a remover pad with makeup remover and wipe away makeup. To clean, just wash and dry with the laundry. 

This is an easy, eco-friendly project that can save you a little money. You can also make little color-coordinated stacks for friends.