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Eyelets & Grommets: Knowing The Difference

Eyelets and heavy duty grommets may look similar, but they have slightly different functions. Often, individuals shopping for eyelets or grommets can get confused between the two, and are unsure of which product they may need. This blog post will help you understand the difference between both products, and their purposes/uses. If you are wondering where to buy eyelets online, GoldStar Tool is the perfect place to start shopping!

All About Heavy-Duty Grommets

Grommets come in several different materials, and deciding which material to purchase is up to you. GoldStar Tool’s grommets come in plastic, brass, gunmetal, and nickel. Two pieces come with one grommet, often referred to as “male and female” or in other terms “a washer.” One of the sides has an additional piece attached to it, and they are both sandwiched together during insertion. Sometimes, grommets can be sold as one piece, without the washer. When using this item in fabric, they are pressed together and left with a hole in the center made for hanging or tying things. You may be wondering how grommets stay put on fabric without moving. They have small spurs around the rings that hold still in fabric, refraining them from moving around or falling.

All About Eyelets

For smaller projects, applying eyelets are very simple. Take a hammer/anvil hand setter from GoldStar Tool, and the application should be completed. For bigger projects, you will probably want to consider a heavy-duty press machine (this applies to grommets as well). Eyelets are typically smaller in size and come in different colors. Because of their size, they can work durably for slightly smaller projects. For shower curtain making, we suggest using bigger eyelets, because small ones will be hard to hold up. For corset making, you can use eyelets to loop ribbon and cords through to the opposite side and add design/detail. Eyelets are used for many other types of projects including camping tent making, tarps, clothing tags, clothing designs, cards, scrapbooking, to attach shoelaces to shoes, and much more.