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Fight Spring Allergies with Our Fabric Tissue Holder!

You know, tissue packs aren’t the most attractive things to look at. If you’re on a quest to make everything in your life look less utilitarian and more fun, you’ll like this craft — and really, it’ll be more functional, too. Getting tissues out of those little plastic self-adhesive packs is kind of annoying, but it will be super easy with this fabric tissue holder.

What You’ll Need

The supplies and tools are few. The first, most obvious tool you’ll need is a sewing machine (with thread!) As for how you’ll be cutting your fabric, that’s up to you.

Fabric scissors, a rotary cutter, or maybe you won’t have to do any cutting because your fabric is already the right size. Lucky you! You’ll also need pins to hold things in place before you sew.

The next essential ingredient is, of course, fabric. Whatever you choose, you’ll need two pieces of it for the front and back. They can be the same or different patterns, whatever you prefer. It’s up to you if you want interfacing for more rigidity. Finally, have an iron on hand to remove wrinkles.

Preparing Your Materials

You’ll need to measure the tissue pack you’re using to determine your tissue holder’s dimensions. Personal packs can be as small as 2” x 4” x 1”. Remember to leave enough fabric for the seams before you cut! Iron the fabric to ensure it’s flat before you sew, too.

Connecting the Pieces

Before we begin, keep in mind that once you’re done sewing, you’ll turn the tissue holder inside out, so the seams are on the inside. If your fabric has a pattern on only one side, keep this in mind, so you don’t accidentally have the fun pattern on the inside!

Pin the two pieces of fabric together. Use your sewing machine to sew the shorter sides together with a quarter-inch seam allowance (SA). Then remove the pins and iron flat again. With the shorter side at the top, fold down about an inch and then fold up the bottom enough so that they overlap, pinning in place.

The exact amount you fold will be determined by the size of your tissues. Run through your sewing machine along the short and long sides, leaving a quarter-inch SA. Pull out your pins. Clip loose threads. Fold inside out, and voila! You’re done!

Springtime Is More Fun with Goldstar Tool

This tissue holder is just one of the fun projects possible when you’re stocked up on sewing supplies. Get everything you need this spring at Goldstar Tool!