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GoldStar Tool's 2021 Valentine's Day Giveaway Winners!

Congratulations to the FIVE LUCKY WINNERS!! 

We recently had our 2021 Valentine’s Day Giveaway, and it’s finally time to announce our lovely winners! 

For this giveaway, we gave out a total of $1500 in gift cards for our winners to spend on any item of their choice!

See more details below and our 2021 Valentine’s Day Giveaway winners.

  1. GoldStar Tool Gift Card ($100) — Ellen K.
  2. GoldStar Tool Gift Card ($200) — Kathleen C.
  3. GoldStar Tool Gift Card ($300) — Troy K.
  4. GoldStar Tool Gift Card ($400) — Amy M.
  5. GoldStar Tool Gift Card ($500) — Darrell D.

From everyone here at GoldStar Tool, we want to give a big THANK YOU to all who entered our Valentine’s Day giveaway.

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