Helpful Quilting Tools Every Beginner Should Have

Helpful Quilting Tools Every Beginner Should Have

Quilting is a great way to use and cultivate your creativity. Though every new hobby has a learning curve, having the right quilting tools can be immensely helpful. There are ten basic quilting tools that will make your launch into the wonderful world of quilting much easier. Those are: 

  1. Thread
  2. Scissors and fabric shears
  3. Pin and pincushion
  4. Seam rippers  
  5. Acrylic rulers
  6. Rotary cutters with replacement blades
  7. Clips
  8. Self-healing cutting mats
  9. Basic sewing machine (and feet) 
  10. Needles for sewing machine and hand sewing

These are all essential and valuable quilting tools that will help you with your quilting hobby. 


Many quilters chose 50-weight cotton thread or a poly-cotton blend. You can use other weights for decorative stitching, binding, or appliqué and experiment to see which you like best. 

Scissors and Fabric Shears

You should have at least one pair of large, high-quality fabric shears dedicated for cutting fabrics only. A small pair of scissors are suitable for snipping small bits. 

Pin and Pincushion

Find some sharp, sturdy pins with a cushion or magnetic bowl to keep them handy. There are specialty pins for different applications to consider.

Seam Rippers  

A seam ripper is an essential quilting tool, but it will get a lot of use over and over from pulling stitches out! It’s best to have a couple of extras. 

Acrylic Rulers

A see-through acrylic one with clearly visible markings is great. Marking 24” x 6” or 8” with a 45-degree angle line is a good starter.

Rotary Cutters with Replacement Blades

Rotary cutters come in several sizes, depending on what you want to do. The two most common sizes are 45 mm and 60 mm. Don’t forget replacement blades!


Clips are great for securing binding or as an alternative to pins for layered fabrics. Look for bendable metal ones like barretts.

Self-Healing Cutting Mats

This handy quilting tool provides a surface to use your rotary cutter on. A self-healing cutting mat lasts because cuts won’t leave indents. 

Basic Sewing Machine (and Feet) 

You’ll want to choose a reliable, basic model of sewing machine that fits your budget. A special ¼-inch foot comes with many models to make a ¼-inch seam easier, but you can do without if you need to. Other feet are helpful for specific tasks. 

Needles for Sewing Machine and Hand Sewing

You’ll need both sewing machine and hand sewing needs in different styles.

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