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Holiday Gift Guide: Machine Blades

The holidays are right around the corner. If you are like most people, you will wait until the last minute to scramble around and find holiday gifts a day or two before Christmas. Luckily, Gold Star Tool has a big selection of gifts to choose from, at affordable prices. Some ideas of gifts you could purchase are sewing machine blades for your families sewing machine, or even an industrial ironing table. Both can be very valuable and useful to another. In this post, we will go over both items in detail and explain their benefits.

Machine Blades & Industrial Ironing Machines

Gold Star Tool offers a wide variety of machine blades & knives for your sewing machines. Depending on what brand and type of sewing machine you have, we most likely have all of the right blades that will match. If you have an old sewing machine with a knife that is not working as efficiently as you would like it to, you can always switch it with a new one from Gold Star Tool, so that your machine will work much better.

Having top quality sewing machine blades will make all the difference with your products. They give you the ability to easily cut through thread that you are working with simply. Make your project experience better with a freshly sharp blade. Our main sewing machine knives are from the Juki brand, which is a very reliable and great-working blade. Plus, our knives are very affordable, so they make great holiday gifts. Here is the link to our Juki B-2424-280-000 SU Sewing Machine Knife, which is only $3.50: https://goldstartool.com/Counter_Knife_B2424-280.html

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Industrial ironing tables and steam irons are also another great gift idea. Every commercial laundry or dry cleaning business should obtain a steam iron, in order for their garments to be spotless and smooth. When individuals come to drop off their laundry at a dry cleaning shop, they want to get them returned in mint condition and wrinkle-free. Gold Star Tool’s steam iron with boiler is super heavy duty and is resistant to mineral deposits. There is nothing better than this machine for these purposes, and your clients will be 100 percent satisfied with the outcome of their clothes. You can also use this iron for your home, if you like your garments steamed clean before you wear them. Here is the link to our steam iron with boiler, which is only $299.99: https://goldstartool.com/Steam_Iron_With_Boiler_BY_GOLDSTAR_1000W_HEAVY_DUTY_110_VOLT_BOILER_CAPACITY_1.8.html

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