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Holiday Gift Guide: Sewing Essentials

 It’s challenging to know what to get for someone who sews. Niche hobbies such as quilting or even full-time careers that involve a sewing machine can lead to quite a lot of confusion around the holidays. What do you get this person, and what if they already have what they need?

Here is some good news, if that person has a sewing machine, then there are many things they will continue to need. Sometimes one spare isn’t enough for a sewer, and other times it’s nice to know that you have extra parts or needles on hand. Many sewing essentials can grace a gift box or stocking and produce an ecstatic reaction when it’s time to exchange gifts. 

Replacement Parts 

Some sewing machine parts you should probably leave to the person who owns the machine. However, there are some replacement parts that sewers burn through a bit faster than others. Things such as needle plates and feed dogs can require frequent replacement if the crafter works at their sewing machine daily. 

You could always choose to give them a spare parts kit or do a bit of research and find the right tension, needle clamps, or feed dogs for their machine. 

Extra Feet 

If you have a sewer in your life, then you’ve probably heard them say that they never have enough hands. But what they need is feet. Sewing machine feet and similar attachments are sewing essentials that people add to slowly. Help the one you love to build their collection by gifting specialty feet that they need but might not use daily. 

Specialty feet can allow a sewer to accomplish stitches and patterns that they weren’t able to before. Two of the most common feet are the walking foot and the edge stitch foot. However, you’ll have a slew of options, including feet for attaching zippers and decorative items. 

When purchasing extra feet, check-in to see if they use snap-on presser feet or if the feet are brand specific. You can always find a wide variety of feet for Brother, Consew, GoldStar, and more. 

Lighting and Ergonomic Supplies

When was the last time you saw a sewer peacefully sitting, upright, behind their machine? It’s a rare sight. Most of the time, they’re hunched-over, squinting at something and fumbling in the half-light. Lighting and ergonomic supplies can make sewing easier on the body and helpful to the mind. 

Consider a table lamp with LED spotlights that can quickly move around so your sewer can see what they’re working on without squinting. A New-Tech sewing machine LED light is an excellent choice as it uses a magnet to grip onto the machine or table. 

You might also consider a universal hard carrying case to make it easier to move around with the machine. It’s a much better option than shoving it into a box or wrestling with it. Instead, pop it in its snazzy case and grab the handle. 

Sewing Machine Motors and Tables

Not all sewing machines come with a table, and some have the option to interchange motors. This might seem a bit more technical, but many sewers know the value of upgrading their machine’s individualized aspects. Consider investing in a new servo motor or a table frame that will allow for more comfortable sewing sessions. 

Motors and tables are often an investment and one that many crafters will put off for a while.  The holidays coming bring the perfect excuse to help the sewer you love and invest in creating a more enjoyable sewing experience. 

Starter Supplies

Many sewers invest in starter supplies and then simply don’t replace them until they completely wear out. Almost every sewer or quilter would appreciate these items, especially if you find high-quality options. 

For starter supplies, even for experienced sewers, consider these highly appreciated items:

  • Rotary cutters and rotary mats
  • Needles of various sizes
  • Bobbins and hooks
  • Tailor scissors or embroidery scissors
  • Clips instead of sewing pins - a luxury that many sewers pass over
  • Magnetic pincushions
  • Hem ruler
  • Quilting rulers and stencils
  • Wool mat
  • Iron cleaner
  • Sewing machine oiler or lubricant
  • Storage tins

One of the most common questions we come across is whether you should buy fabric as a gift. Let’s lay the foundation; most sewers love fabric without being too picky about patterns. It’s how they end up with massive fabric stashes. If you see a fat quarter, charm pack, or cake with a variety of colors or patterns that fit the style of your loved one, then go for it! 

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