Homemade Jedi Robe Costume for Children and Adults

Homemade Jedi Robe Costume for Children and Adults

Halloween is a time to dress up for children and adults alike. This Jedi robe costume is quick and easy to make with your sewing machine—no complicated pattern necessary! 

Get Your Measurements

Check about how tall you are at the shoulder. Double that to know how much fabric you need. So if you are 60 inches at the shoulder, you’ll need at least 120 inches of cloth. 

Materials You Need:

This DIY costume is pretty simple. All you need is:

  • An extra-wide piece of brown fabric (based on your measurements)
  • A 16” x 32” section of brown material (for the hood)
  • Three pieces of tan fabric from a 60-inch bolt
  • A sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Fabric or tailor’s chalk

Making the Robe

Make the robe first, and then arrange the hood and panels. 

Trace the Outline

Fold the brown fabric in half over itself. Lay down on the fabric with your shoulders at the fold and stretch your arms out. Have someone loosely trace the outline (but not your shoulders) along the fold. 

Remember, don’t trace the line too close, or the robe will fit too tightly. Jedis are wearing robes loose again this year! 

Pin, Cut, and Sew with Your Sewing Machine

First, pin the two layers of fabric together along the trace line. Then, cut an inch outside the trace line and sew along the traced lines. 

Cut an Opening

Make the front opening by cutting straight up the front only

Try It On (Then Hem)

Try on the robe to make sure it fits correctly. Next, hem the edges and bottom of the robe to prevent fraying. 

Make the Hood

Take a 16” x 32” piece of fabric and fold it in half to make a 16-inch square piece. 

Sew one edge along the fold to the fold. 

Attach the Hood

Cut a six-inch circular hole on the robe atop the front slit. 

Align the stitched hood seam perpendicularly to the center of the back on the neck hole.

Sew the two ends of the hood rectangle to the left and right neck hole sides. 

Hem the edge.

Inner Tunic

Two pieces of tan fabric ten inches wide and 60 inches long will cross in the front and go over each shoulder. The third piece (about three inches) wide will be the belt. 

Put the two pieces on and have someone pin them together in the V shape. Repeat in the back. 

Sew the two crossing pieces together at the waist in front and back. 

Wear the tan V under the robe and the belt over the stitches. 

May the Sewing Machine Be with You! 

Don’t forget your lightsaber. Also, contact GoldStar Tool for your sewing supplies!