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How to Choose the Right Thread for Your Next Project

There’s a lot that goes into every sewing machine project in order to create a successful outcome. If even one piece of the equation falls out of place, you could end up with insecure stitching, puckered fabric, or a finished product that falls apart weeks or even days after completion.

The type and quality of your thread is one of the most important parts of a successful sewing machine project. The more complex the project (i.e., the more varied types of fabric used or the more complex stitching required), the more the type of thread matters in creating a finished product that you can take pride in.

Types of Thread for Sewing Machine Projects

Whether you use your sewing machine for DIY projects or sewing is integral to your profession, using the right type of thread is crucial. Take a look below at a few common types of sewing thread that have different features and benefits associated with them.


Because it has been used in sewing projects for many generations, cotton is considered to be one of the most dependable threads as well as one of the most accessible. Cotton works great for a variety of fabrics, is very strong and durable, and tends to swell when it becomes wet, making it very efficient at preventing leakage at the seams.


Polyester thread is resistant to UV rays and is also water repellent, making it one of the best choices for sewing machine projects that will be used outdoors. This type of thread is very durable and doesn’t stretch very much, which you should keep in mind if you want your finished product to have some give around the seams.


Nylon is an extremely flexible thread that is considerably strong for its size. Nylon thread is best used for indoor items such as upholstery and other items that won’t be kept outdoors.


Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) thread and its expanded version, ePTFE, are extremely durable threads made of a thermoplastic polymer. These threads are flexible and resistant to UV rays, friction, and chemicals. They work well for heavy fabrics and industrial projects.

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