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How to Improve Your Sewing Skills

Being able to sew is one of those life skills that everyone should learn. But it’s less like “riding a bike” and more like “learning an instrument.” Once you learn to ride a bike, you can pretty much do it forever. But with sewing, if you want mastery, you must practice improving your skills.

Start at the Beginning

While some people are gifted with a natural ability to sew, everyone still has to start at the beginning and learn the basics.

Prepare Properly

You need to have the right materials and tools, but you have to use them properly, too. When cutting fabric, make sure it’s not stretched out or wrinkled. You want to make sure it’s flat. Make sure the fabric is aligned with the grain according to the pattern, too!

All these initial steps ensure that you’ll be in a good position to assemble your garment later. This is true of your measurements, too. Seam allowances can throw people off, for example. If the sewer forgets seam allowances, entire pieces of fabric can be rendered useless.

Inspect Instructions

It’s no fun getting halfway through assembling your clothing only to find out that you missed a step.

Read the directions first! Do you need to use a particular kind of stitching? Should you use a machine or sew by hand? Does the fabric need pressing or ironing? You may even need to make notes about specific instructions so you don’t forget later.

Consider Apparatus Advantages

Besides the basic tools, there are other gizmos you can buy to make sewing easier. Rotary cutters give accurate cuts. Bobbin winders make refilling your bobbins super easy and fast. Threading tools get needles threaded much faster than doing it by eye.

Recognize that Errors Might Happen

The odds are, you’re gonna screw up. We all do. Try to learn from your mistakes to avoid those errors in the future!

Remember that Details Matter

Small things can have a huge impact on projects. For example, if you press your seams while you sew, you’ll improve the look of the garment. Also, the quality of your fabric makes a big difference. If you use cheap fabrics, you’ll get cheap results! And your stitching tension can cause wrinkles if it’s set too low.

Consider Your Abilities

Choosing a project that’s too complicated can be frustrating and defeating. Besides, the point is to improve at sewing, so working on a garment that’s within easier reach will allow you to focus on those basic skills. Don’t muddy the waters with too many advanced techniques as you try to get started!

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