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How to Maintain and Repair an Industrial Sewing Machine

Industrial sewing machines are made to run longer and take more abuse than home sewing machines, but that doesn’t mean they can run forever. These machines require maintenance, too, and due to the amount of use and abuse they take, that maintenance has to happen more often than you might think.

If you use an industrial sewing machine for your business, the more care you give it now, the more years of peak sewing performance you’ll get. Let’s go over the various aspects of caring for your machine.

Keeping it Clean

You might be surprised just how dirty an industrial sewing machine can get! They will build up lint and dust over time, and you’ll need to identify the areas where that buildup occurs most.

Start by wiping down the outside of the machine to eliminate dust and debris from the surface. Don’t use harsh chemicals; a simple dry wiping with a cloth is all you need.

Then, check the bobbin and hook for built-up lint. You may need to pull open the needle plate to access this area. You can remove most debris using a blast of compressed air, but a lint brush is more thorough.

Next, check the tension discs and thread guides. Dust and lint will accumulate there, too. Finally, examine any connections to the machine, such as cables and cords. Check for corrosion that may need to be scrubbed away.

Replacing Worn Parts

The first, most obvious part that will need replacement is the needle. This will need replacing in as little as 7 or 8 hours of run time. As the needle continually pierces material, it will dull and possibly bend. If you ignore the warning signs, the needle may break after too much use.

When replacing the needle, unplug the machine from the wall. If this isn’t possible, at least make sure it’s turned off. The needle-retaining screw can be loosened with a regular screwdriver. When installing the new needle, it should hit the top of the machine’s needle bar. The long groove on the needle faces left.

Analyze the rest of the machine for any other worn parts. Any moving parts can and will wear out over time and need repair or replacement. Given how long and how much the machine runs, this may be sooner than you realize!

Lubricating the Machine

To prevent premature wear on your industrial sewing machine, make sure you’re oiling it regularly. Your machine should have oiling points marked on its exterior, so you probably won’t have to disassemble it.

Without oiling, your sewing machine will eventually become noisy during operation and then experience a part failure. Part failure is a bigger problem than just holding up your sewing; it can actually pose a danger to whoever’s operating the machine.

Just as you need to replace needles after 7–8 hours, so should you oil the machine after 7–8 hours. If your machine has an automatic lubrication system that uses an oil reservoir, you will be able to go for longer periods of time between lubrication fill-ups. In fact, you can often go as long as a year before changing the oil!

For manually oiled sewing machines, you only need to put 1 or 2 drops in the designated oiling points. When in doubt, check your machine’s instruction manual or contact the manufacturer to ensure you’re oiling properly.

As for the oil you should use, only fill your machine with clear sewing machine oil. Don’t use generic 3-in-1 oil, motor oil, or other lubricants.

Use the Proper Replacement Parts

Finally, make sure to use authorized OEM-quality parts for your machine. Industrial sewing machines are made to a high standard, and even though factory parts may be more expensive, they’re certainly worth the extra cost.

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