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How to Make a Candy Corn Pillow

If you’re searching for a cute, quick crafting idea that will help get everyone in your home in the mood for fall, a DIY candy corn pillow may be just the thing!

DIY Candy Corn Pillows

Begin by picking your favorite fabrics in the traditional candy corn colors of white, orange, and yellow.

Collect, Cut, and Sew

Collect your materials, including stuffing material, and get your sewing machine out and ready. Cut your white, yellow, and orange fabrics into strips:

  • Yellow = 6.75” x 18”

  • White = 4.75” x 10”

  • Orange = 5.5” x 18”

Begin by sewing the yellow and orange strips together on the longest edge using a ¼” seam. Make sure you match the centers of the strips before sewing. Sew together the longest sides of the orange and white strips.

Folding and Cutting

Now, fold the sewn assembly in half, with the edges running horizontally. From the fold at the top of the white edge, measure and mark 1.5” down and then 8.5” from the yellow edge at the bottom of the corn. Using a straight-edge ruler on each mark, cut all three pieces (white, orange, and yellow) diagonally into two.

When you open the assembly after cutting, you’ll see the candy corn shape starting to take form. Use this piece as a guide for cutting the back piece of your pillow.

Sewing the Pillow

Using four strands of black embroidery floss, crosshatch the seam that is between the white and orange by hand. Repeat over the seam connecting the yellow and orange pieces on a slightly bigger scale. Place the outer sides of the front and back pieces together so it’s “inside out.”

You’ll need to round out the top of the pillow. You can draw a rounded half-circle toward the top of the white fabric to use as a guide. Sew the front and back of the pillow together using a ½” seam allowance.

Make sure that you leave a 5” opening at the bottom of the pillow so you can insert the stuffing. When you get to the top of the white fabric, follow the curved line with stitching, and trim the corners off.

Filling Your Candy Corn Pillow

Now, turn the pillow right side out, and fill it with your stuffing. Once it’s stuffed, close the opening you left at the bottom by hand with a whipstitch. Put your new pillow in its place, and enjoy!

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