How to Mend a Ripped Seam Yourself

The memes are abound, and it's not just beloved 2000's cartoon characters who ripped their pants. No, it tends to happen to the best of us, but there is good news! If you rip a seam, there is no need to worry or panic. You can take charge of embarrassing situations and mend seams yourself pretty easily. It's a life skill that will pay off, again and again, so get cracking, then get mending! 

As a bonus, this method isn’t just for correcting embarrassing rips but can be used for mending anything from pillows to clothes and more.

There are many ways you can mend or even finish seams, whether it be with an overlocker, a traditional sewing machine, or by hand. Below, we will give a simple method of mending that you should try next time you rip apart a seam of any kind.

Get Started

Find the hole in the fabric and identify the original stitching line. It should be pretty obvious, and you don’t need to worry much about the details of the stitch. Pull the item inside-out and pin the seam back into place. This instance is one of the few times that you do want to pin with the direction of the stitching line rather than horizontally.

Next, fold your fabric back to see the two pieces of fabric that you're putting back together. Lay your seam, maybe a half-inch back from the beginning of the rip. Then sew straight forward over the stitch line. You should have something really nice and straight, and more than anything else, invisible. 

Finishing Touches

Now, if your fabric frayed a lot, you may need to make a completely new seam to save it. However, if your fabric is only frayed a little, you can run over it with a zigzag stitch, overlocker, or serger. This will help reduce fraying by keeping the stitch length short and sealing the edge.

If sewing machines aren't your thing just yet, you can still follow the steps above and hand-stitch the seam. Make sure to keep your stitches short and secure. A sewing machine is an investment, but it's one that will start paying itself off immediately. With a good sewing machine, you can mend rips, hem and alter clothes, and complete stunning projects on your own!

If you are ready to purchase a sewing machine, GoldStar Tool has a variety to choose from, whether you are looking for a home or industrial machine. Be sure to contact us if you need help choosing a machine suited for you. 

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