How to Replace and Repair Your Shoelaces at Home

How to Replace and Repair Your Shoelaces at Home

If your shoelaces aren’t looking as neat and new as they once did, it likely has something to do with the aglet. The aglet is the metal or plastic end tip on your shoelaces that helps to keep them from fraying or falling apart over time.

It can be genuinely frustrating if your shoes still look nice, but your laces are coming apart, or your aglets are noticeably dirty, damaged, or missing. Luckily, a damaged or missing aglet doesn’t mean you have to get a new pair of shoes altogether. There are several quick and easy ways to repair or replace unsightly aglets at home with little more than a sewing machine. 

Common Methods for Aglet Repair 

In many cases, an at-home repair is even quicker and easier than going to multiple stores looking for the correct replacement laces. Let’s look into a couple of the easiest ways to make a new aglet at home that works well and looks great.

For all of these methods, you’ll have to begin by removing any remnants of the old aglet that are still attached. You can do this carefully with an Exacto knife by cutting open the plastic sheath or slicing off the aglet at its base. 

Make sure you have your sewing machine handy to clean up the edges. 

Scotch Tape Method 

Measure the width of the aglet you removed with a two-inch-long piece of Scotch tape. Remove the tape and apply it to the ends of your shoelaces, sticky side up. Roll the tape around your laces until the ends are fully covered.

Scotch tape tends to stick well to the fibers of shoelaces, so your new makeshift aglets should stay put for a long time; however, you can simply repeat this method if they come undone. 

Metal Aglet and Sewing Machine Method 

Metal aglets are the most durable, and a pack of 100 is only $9.99, which means that they are extremely affordable. Before applying the metal aglet, however, it might help to sew the frayed ends of your shoelace with a sewing machine so that you have a smooth application surface.

Slide the metal tubing over the end of your shoelace and hammer a small nail into it, which will leave an indentation that keeps the metal aglet in place. You could also apply glue inside the tubing for increased durability. 

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