Do I Need an Industrial Sewing Machine?

Do I Need an Industrial Sewing Machine?

A question that comes up often on sewing blogs and in craft stores is whether you need an industrial sewing machine? The answer is pretty simple; if you're using your machine a lot, then you probably need an industrial sewing machine. Don't let intimidation get the better of you. Many newer industrial sewing machines come with many settings that are comfortable for beginners too.

Ask Yourself: Are You Satisfied?

Your current machine may be brand new, or decades old, but look past the age and brand of the machine. Are you satisfied? Does your machine do everything you regularly ask from it and do you find yourself compromising on projects or "making it work" when your machine acts up?

These are the things that many crafters overlook, and they either cite an emotional attachment or the age of the machine as a reason for keeping it around. Sewing machines, like any other tool, can be the answer to every problem you encounter with your craft. But, like all other tools, they can also cause more frustration than they're worth, and everyone knows that sewing machines are usually well-worth their weight.

If you’re not satisfied, upgrade to an industrial sewing machine. Or, if you find yourself handling more heavy duty fabrics, opt for an upholstery sewing machine. These options usually have many more features and will last for much longer than a domestic machine.

Are You Ready for the Maintenance?

When you hear people refer to industrial or upholstery sewing machines as workhorses, it’s because they are very horse-like. They typically make a good amount of noise, but most importantly, they require a bit of maintenance, or they'll start to deteriorate.

The biggest maintenance aspect to consider when upgrading to an industrial machine is that they do need oil. This isn't a big deal, and it's nothing like changing the oil on your car. You’ll need to add oil occasionally. It's best to ensure that you check the oil before you start a project. Many machines have a line to show how much oil is enough, but other machines don't, and that's something you might want to consider when making a decision on which sewing machine to buy.

Industrial Sewing Machine Benefits

Now, we’re finally getting around to explaining what makes having an industrial machine worth it, and it is worth the investment we promise! Most, if not all, industrial machines have the ability to:

  • Wind up bobbins and sew at the same time.
  • Offer sewing speeds between low, medium and high.
  • Sew through many layers of thick fabric and batting.
  • Sew through upholstery fabrics such as leather.

Some machines will have their own benefits that you may or may not see in other brands or models. Many Juki users love that they don’t need to adjust their tension, ever. Other users enjoy being able to layer fabrics up high without worrying about the foot.

Overall, an industrial sewing machine is a great option for anyone who regularly works on sewing or upholstery projects. It’s likely that you’ll get more accomplished within shorter spans of time which is also ideal for those running their own business.

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