Introducing Bobbins & Their Purposes

Introducing Bobbins & Their Purposes

Bobbins are extremely useful for sewing purposes, and you can never have too many of this product. What you do need to know before purchasing industrial bobbins is that there are specific ones per each type of sewing machine. From metal, plastic, bobbin cases, and more, GoldStar Tool, your sewing machine suppliers have everything you need. This post will give you more details on bobbin features and what items we carry here at GoldStar Tool.

How Bobbins Make Sewing Easier

If you sew often, you know that bobbins are extremely valuable and useful. They hold your thread together for you while you are sewing, making you feel much more organized. Getting multiple bobbins will hold all different colors of thread, so you can see which threads you have and what you are going to use next. The more bobbins you purchase, the more colors you can use instead of putting multiple colors on one single bobbin.

You may be wondering why it is essential to purchase the right bobbin for your machine. If you are buying the wrong one, it could put the weight down on your final project piece, and potentially ruin the look of the stitching. This is where GoldStar Tool’s wide selection of industrial bobbins are very useful because we have all the right ones you will need. Our site makes sure to inform you and educate you on exactly what type of bobbins work with which types of machines, so there is no confusion. Some machines work better with plastic bobbins, while others work better with metal. Most of these items on our site will come in either a ten pack or 20 pack and will let you know in the product details which machines they fit in. For example, our metal bobbins SA159 are compatible with Singer, Baby Lock, Brother, Janome, Juki & other machines! Our plastic bobbins #9033p are compatible with Singer L-500, Babylock Serenade, and others.

metal bobbin

A few other great products we have at GoldStar Tool that will benefit your bobbins are our bobbin organizers and holders! We have simple organizers and ones that are more compact with fitted foam to protect each bobbin. One of our most popular items is our Sew-Lutions bobbin box that is a compact, translucent, clear container that efficiently stores and organizes up to 30 bobbins & other supplies. The permanent dividers ensure that your supplies are securely standing in place and won't migrate from one compartment to the other.  You can purchase the industrial bobbins box here for just $7.99

Bobbin organizer

Our bobbins are incredibly reliable, efficient, and affordable. To shop our sewing machine suppliers bobbins, click here.