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KitchenAid Cover for Your Mixer Bowl Tutorial!

Looking for a fun DIY craft that you can use your sewing machine for? There are so many to choose from, but crafting is even better when you can make something truly useful. 

Luckily, fun activity meets useful results with this DIY mixer bowl cover. Say goodbye to dusty, dirty mixer bowls and hello to a perfectly clean tool that is ready to use the next time you feel the urge to bake some goodies. This craft is quick, easy, and only needs a few simple supplies (including your sewing machine).

What Supplies Do I Need? 

In addition to your sewing machine and thread, you’ll need a 1/4” strip of elastic, a fat quarter of your fabric of choice, a compass and pencil, scissors, an iron, and of course, your KitchenAid mixer and bowl. We recommend choosing a fun, eye-catching fabric that complements your kitchen décor!

Step-by-Step Instructions 

Lay out your fabric and place your mixer bowl on top upside down to measure out how big your cover will need to be. Take your compass and trace an outline around the circumference that is 2” away from the actual edge of the bowl. To hide this outline, trace it on the underside of your fabric rather than the pattern side. 

Cut the outline out of your fabric and create a hem around the outer edge. It’s important to make sure that your hem will be able to fit your elastic strip. If your elastic is 1/4” wide, a hem that is about 3/8” or even slightly bigger will be perfect.

Take your sewing machine and sew a stitch neatly around the circle at the 3/8” hem. Once you’re done stitching, tuck the hem in and iron it down. Repeat this step for even sturdier stitches.

Sew around the outside rim to create a barrier for the elastic. Make sure that the space between your hem edge and the edge of the circle is big enough to accommodate your elastic strip.

Attach a safety pin to the edge of your elastic strip and use that to pull it through the small space between the fabric hem and the edge of the circle. Then, use your sewing machine to stitch the elastic ends together. 

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Enjoy your stylish mixer bowl cover (and your exceptionally clean appliance)! For more sewing machine crafts and tips, visit us at GoldStar Tool.