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Leather Cutting Machines: The Swatch Cutter

It’s time to introduce our heavy duty swatch cutters that perform an outstanding job. You most often see fabric and leather swatches when designing a new home, at furniture factories, textile rooms, and more. If you have heavy duty materials, then these leather cutting machines will make you perfect swatches in under a minute!


Swatch Cutters are Quick & Efficient


Want hundreds of samples within minutes? No problem! Our heavy duty 16” swatch cutter will guarantee to give you large numbers of swatches, all exactly the same, because they are fast. These machines can handle any thickness of material, which is why so many furniture factories use them for samples.


We notice that many individuals try to cut swatches of thicker materials with pinking shears. This is a big mistake. For one, it will take up too much of your time, and can stop you from doing other important things. You also need to make sure that your swatches are even and look perfect, especially if you are showing them to a client/customer. Having the professional machine will ensure that each piece is even, and give you complete swatches in more than half of the time! It’s time to throw away your pinking shears and invest in our affordable leather cutting machine.

Another benefit of GoldStar Tool’s swatch cutters is that you there are two different blade options to select from. The choices are either straight blades or pinking blades. Straight blades will give you a nice straight and sharp cut for your swatches, while the pinking blades give your swatches a zigzag pattern. The pinking blades are most common for cloth and paper samples, as you probably see in stores and interior design galleries.


Here are some specific features of our swatch sample cutter:

  • The overall size is 30” X 20”
  • Cuts up to 16” swatches
  • Cuts multiple layers of cloth stacked up ¾” high
  • Portable
  • Only weighs 40 lbs
  • Available in pinking or straight blade


This special product is just $589.99 on our website! You can click this link to purchase the leather cutting machine.