Make Your Own Curtains

Curtains can get expensive especially for a home with many windows. The best way to save your self-money and express your creative side is to create your own elegant drapery. This guide will give you three tips on how to turn your clothes into curtains.

From Fabric to Drapery

First, you want to invest in the right products for the perfect curtain project. You will need GoldStar tools” No-Sew Hem Tape” sometimes called stitch witchery it is super handy for hemming clothes, curtains and more without the need for sewing. Just place between two pieces of fabric and iron. This tape will come in handy for the layered look. Try to place a sheer patterned fabric on top of a solid colored material for the perfect look of elegance. This simple tool that cost only $4.99 is sure to turn your living room into an eye-catching work of art. Secondly, you will need Drapery Header Tape, Goldstar offers a 100% Polyester Anti-UV Drapery Header Tape, use this sew-in drapery tape to provide more structure and support at the top of your curtain panels. This curtain tape helps give a crisp shape to the tops of drapes and also provides support for pleats, clip rings, tabs or grommets. Drapery tape will make your curtains more appealing to the eye for only 0.99 cents.   Lastly. You will need an Adjustable Manual Curtain Eyelet Punch Machine; this will allow you to punch the hole size of your choice into the fabric you love the most. Measure the distance between the holes for a precise, accurate look. GoldStar tools offer this product way below market price at only $49.99.   There's nothing better than coming home every day and seeing your hard work pay off. Following these three tips will help you get your DIY project of turning clothes into curtains off to a seamless start.  Shop all these products and more at

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