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Make Your Own Spring Pillow Covers

Crafting is a fun pastime any season of the year, but there’s something about spring that makes people feel extra creative. With these DIY spring pillow covers, you can bring the bright colors of spring flowers inside and enjoy them all year round in your home. This craft is easy for beginner sewers and only requires a few supplies to get started. 

What Will I Need? 

To get started with your spring pillow covers, you’ll need:

  • A sewing machine
  • Yellow, blue, green, and pink felt
  • Easypress (model 2 is best)
  • A Cricut machine
  • Infusible Ink pillow blank
  • A wreath design and spring-related phrase

Once you have these items, you’re ready to get crafting! 

What Is Infusible ink? 

Infusible ink is essentially ink transferred by heat. When you use infusible ink on a craft, the ink permanently fuses into the item. You’ll be using your Easypress machine to apply the infusible ink to your project. 


1. Cut out your wreath design and springy phrase from a green Infusible ink transferring sheet.

2. Cut out just the wreath design from your green felt, and cut out flower shapes from the different colored felt pieces. You can make three-dimensional flower designs by cutting out two flower shapes in the same color, with one being slightly bigger than the other and layering them one on top of the other.

3. Carefully separate the pieces of felt and connect the ends of your felt wreath.

4. Using your Easypress, apply the Infusible ink wreath and phrase design to your blank pillow cover.

5. Align your felt wreath with your inked wreath background to create an eclectic overlapping design and sew it on.

6. Place your felt flowers around your wreath and sew them on one by one. Generally, a small straight stitch with your sewing machine in the center is all you’ll need.

7. Stuff the pillow cover with the right size pillow, and you’re all set! You also have the option to stuff the pillow cover with cotton or similar stuffing material and sew the open edge of the pillow cover closed with your sewing machine. If you go this route, just be aware that the stitch will be visible as you won’t be able to turn the pillow cover inside out before stuffing.

Voila! Now you have your springy DIY pillow cover. Get more ideas for fun, easy crafts at Goldstar Tool.Contact us if you have any questions!