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Men Sew, Too! A Man's Guide to Sewing Machines

Despite any assumptions that may be out there about the craft, sewing isn’t an activity that’s exclusive to one gender over the other. Many men take on sewing projects, and they are very good at it, too!

There’s no reason to think that a sewing machine is something that women take to more quickly than men. At the end of the day, it’s a simple tool just as any other one might find in the garage or around the house and can be learned in time.

Like any acquired skill, men who sew will need to practice perfecting the art of placing flawless seams and stitches. However, before you sew, it’s crucial to understand how a sewing machine works to make the most of every project.

Essential Parts of a Sewing Machine

If you’re facing a sewing machine, you’ll find the needle on the left and the controls on the right. This is because every stitch made with a sewing machine requires two threads, which must first be spooled around a bobbin.

The bobbin is a small device often found under the plate that sits just below the needle. To remove the bobbin, you just simply lift the plate.

The two knobs found on the side of a sewing machine are there to adjust the length and pattern of each stitch. The adjacent lever allows the stitching to move forward or work in reverse.

The lever found on the back left of the sewing machine controls the metal foot located around the needle, while you can use the v-belt knob to adjust the tension of the thread.

When it’s time to begin sewing, the fabric can be slid underneath the needle foot, where it will be held in place while simultaneously being pushed forward for stitching. The sewing machine's foot pedal powers the device as you slide the fabric underneath the needle, ultimately taking care of the stitching and knot details for you!

Potential Sewing Projects

While people assume that sewing is designed for creating apparel, this is just one of the many options the device can be used for. Men who love to sew will find that this skill is helpful when it comes to patching motorcycle seats, repairing leather jackets, crafting pet accessories, or creating cups or remote-control holders!

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