What Can You Use an Overlock Machine for?

What Can You Use an Overlock Machine for?

Whether you’re a seasoned sewing machine user or you’re just getting started on your crafting journey, you’re likely well aware of the huge list of various types of sewing machines that can create specific results for your projects. One of these types is the overlock machine.

What Is an Overlock Machine?

An overlock machine, also known as a serger, is a style of sewing machine that is designed to streamline the stitching process. The overlock machine handles the following three distinct functions in a single operation:

  • Stitching the seam

  • Trimming off any extra seam allowance

  • Overcasting your fabric’s edge

By combining three functions that would normally have to be completed separately, professional seamstresses and amateur crafters alike can finish their projects more quickly and easily than ever before.

Additionally, the stitches created by the overlock machine are just as high-quality as they are efficient, and most models can use up to eight thread spools at a time.

Overlock Machine Uses

There are many different situations in which an overlock machine can be used for a sewing machine project. Overlock machines are great for finishing seams to make sure they’re sturdy or efficiently inserting pieces of elastic into a garment. You can also use them to add decorations to your pieces, like flowers or delicate trims.

Use an overlock machine for finishing hems and giving them a clean, seamless look or adding ruffles or gathering to your garments and interior décor items. An overlock machine will create seams on knit fabrics much more quickly than a standard sewing machine could.

Overlock machines can successfully handle a huge variety of materials, from sturdy to delicate and everything in between, including swimwear, lingerie, table runners and tablecloths, knitted fabrics, T-shirts, and so much more.

What’s the Difference Between an Overlock Machine and a Coverstitch?

Overlock machines are often confused with coverstitch machines, as both pieces of equipment are designed to sew stitches into loops. In fact, some overlock machines can also coverstitch and vice versa.

The primary difference between the two is that overlock machines can’t sew up a straight stitch into a folded hem, which is why many avid crafters have both machines or a single machine that can perform both functions.

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