The Power Of Professional Shears For Sewing

The Power Of Professional Shears For Sewing

Having a great pair of scissors can be a complete game changer, primarily when working with garments, fabric, paper crafts, and more. If you don’t invest in professional tailor shears, your cuts might not be as efficient as you would want them to be. That is why one reliable pair can make a big difference for whatever project you may be working on. GoldStar Tool has a vast selection of all purpose shears to select from that will help create a successful sewing project.

Types of Popular Shears

If you are confused by the many different types of scissors, know that you are not alone. Here is the breakdown of each scissor category and what projects they work best for:

Pinking shears: These commonly used scissors age back to the old days in the 18th century. They are known to have a zigzag feature that makes the design stand out while cutting. Many professional designers use pinking shears to prevent materials from fraying. If you need to cut thick layers of small fabric samples, these scissors are the way to go! Known for their heavy-duty ability, they might not feel as lightweight as regular scissors would. If you’re working on a craft project for your children’s school, these could be fun to use as they give off more decorated edges.

Tailoring shears: tailor shears may be one of the most popular types of scissors, and is a best-seller at GoldStar Tool. Professional designers, tailors, bag makers, pattern makers all obtain this product for a better sewing and cutting experience. They are entirely metal and non-stick, so you do not have to worry about your fabrics with glue getting stuck on your scissors. Although they are slightly heavy to work with, going with a 10-inch size is more comfortable and preferred.

Dressmaker shears: If you are a seamstress, dressmaker shears are ideal for your line of work. These scissors are well known for a smooth cutting experience and can handle all sorts of materials. From types of denim to silks, cutting through fabrics with dressmaker shears will be comfortable and efficient. Because this product is on the heavier side, it may be hard to hold these scissors for long periods of time. This is why it is suggested to have smaller scissors in hand too, so you can use dressmaker scissors to focus on more prominent points.

professional scissors onlineOf course, there are also all purpose shears that are great for everyday use, whether at home or in your office. GoldStar Tool has a great selection of professional tailor shears for any types of projects. To shop our collection, click here.