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Project Ideas: Back to School Edition

A new school year is right around the corner, and you might be looking for a way to make your child feel prepared and confident when transitioning into a new grade. Whether your kid is still in elementary school or entering middle or high school, you simply can’t beat the power of new school supplies to get them feeling excited for what’s to come.

Before you spend hundreds of dollars on new supplies at the store, consider trying out some do-it-yourself projects with your sewing machine. These DIY back-to-school projects could even be something fun for you to do together!

Let’s take a look at some easy and fun ideas. All you’ll need is your trusty sewing machine and a few additional supplies to get started.

Book Bags and Totes

Book bags and totes are easy to make with a sewing machine and a few different types of fabric. Once you choose a base fabric for the bag and straps, you can customize your child’s tote or book bag to your heart’s content with patches, colorful patterns, and even embroidery if you have the right needles, thread, and presser feet.

Book Covers

Gone are the days of covering textbooks with paper grocery bags. Set your student up for success and send them to school in style with some customized book covers made of cozy, durable fabrics that will keep their textbooks protected and looking great all year. From cotton to canvas to denim and everything in between, there are so many great fabrics to choose from that will keep books in tip-top condition and help your child express themselves at school.

Pencil Cases

Fabric pencil cases are a slightly more advanced craft than some, but if you have all the right tools and a list of instructions, you’re sure to be successful! There are multiple ways to make pencil cases with a sewing machine, depending on what type of fabric you prefer, whether you want a zipper, and the size you need.

Locker Organizer

A messy locker can cause middle and high schoolers unnecessary stress. Help them to plan for the year ahead with a homemade locker organizer designed to hold utensils, notebooks, calculators, and anything else they might need in one convenient place.

DIY Inspiration

Need sewing machine supplies or more DIY ideas? We’ve got everything you need at Goldstar Tool. Contact us to learn more.