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Reversible Table Runner with Points Tutorial

Table runners can give any table that feeling of elegance, even when you’re chasing down juice spills with a paper towel. They’re also a great way to bring the sense of the holidays, any holiday, into your home. A table runner should be easy to clean, decorative, and fun to make, which is why we’re here with a great tutorial!

What You Need:

  • 2 yards of two different patterns. Don’t be afraid to get creative. You absolutely won’t see the underside. Feel free to go for a leaf pattern for Thanksgiving and a snowflake pattern for December. Get festive, or stick to solid colors. The world, or at least this table runner, is under your command!

If you have a longer table or use a leaf during family meals and celebrations, you might need more fabric. Measure your table if you believe it exceeds 6 feet.

Let’s Get Started!

This project is straightforward, which makes it great for a leisurely Sunday sewing task. Now, to get started, you’ll want to trim your fabric to 15-inches wide. You can make a wider version, but then you’re taking over your table or table cloth. The 15-inch table runner is the sweet spot for a spot of decor and color.

Pin the two pieces of fabric together with right sides facing. Then, sew across two long edges. Leave about a 3-inch opening on one side for turning and leave the short ends open. You won’t spend much time behind the sewing machine. This part takes about 15 minutes.

Bring the corners of the runner together. The result should be a diamond or box shape with each fabric matching, so the top half of the diamond would be one pattern, and the bottom half would be the other pattern. You will do this by folding the pieces in half over on themselves.

Match the seams up to the long-edges and sew along those edges of the table runner folded. This step will create your points. When you turn your project, you’ll need to poke out four different corners and then tuck the unseen color into the corner of the color you want to show. Do this for both sides, then turn the project.

You will need to close the turning hole, which is best done with a ladder stitch. But, if you’d rather knock it out with your sewing machine, then a simple straight stitch will work nicely. If you’re not going to use an ‘invisible’ stitch, then give a top stitch all around but don’t lock your points onto one pattern.

A simple table runner can make a table or dining area pop. You can certainly make a few of these for all year round with colors for different seasons and festivities. 

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