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Rotary Cutters vs. Scissors, What Should I Use?

Putting craft skills to good use is always enjoyable. Whether you’re firing up a sewing machine to create apparel or designing accessories from fabric scraps, getting creative is a personal experience. So is choosing the tools you’ll need to bring those projects to life!

When it comes to the best sewing tools on the market, everyone has an opinion. Everyone’s view is different from deciding what sewing machine is best and what fabric works well for a handbag.

Ultimately, picking the right tools comes down to what projects you’re focused on. That is especially true when asking whether to go with rotary cutters or fabric scissors.

Both tools are helpful, but each comes with distinct benefits worth considering. The following differentiating points may help you decide which to pair with your sewing machine for a particular project.


When comparing the initial cost of fabric scissors versus a rotary cutter, the difference isn’t extravagant, but it’s still noticeable. While fabric scissors average $16 a pop, rotary cutters offer a reduced price point somewhere around $12.

One significant difference to note when it comes to overall price is accessories. While fabric scissors work fine on their own, a rotary cutter will require a protective table mat. That is an additional cost that should be considered upfront before purchase.


For some people, deciding between a rotary cutter or fabric scissors comes down to maintenance. Sticking with a rotary cutter means regularly changing out the blades to keep lines clean. 

Alternatively, fabric scissors require frequent sharpening. You should also be sure to keep these scissors away from regular household scissors and not accidentally use them on materials other than fabric.

Project Type

The type of project you spend the majority of your time on might end up being the deciding factor when choosing between fabric scissors or a rotary cutter. While the shape of scissors is ideal for a project with many small turns and tricky corners, rotary cutters are the best choice for projects with many long lines to cut.


You should always consider your basic comfort first and foremost when picking between a rotary cutter or a pair of scissors. The rounded handles on scissors are good for gripping, but constantly moving the blades can get tiring or uncomfortable over time.

A rotary cutter’s grip may not be as molded to the shape of the hand as scissors, but there’s no blade movement involved. Ultimately, the decision between scissors and rotary cutters is an individual one, but it’s nice to know the options and benefits!

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