Kids Craft Series: Scented Sachets for Your Drawers

Kids Craft Series: Scented Sachets for Your Drawers

Sometimes your drawers need a little help. Drawers may get a bit funky, making clothes smell stale. 

Fortunately, with a small sachet, you can fight those stiff odors and make your clothing smell refreshed! 

This project is an effortless and fantastic way to involve the kids in sewing; it can boost their confidence as they’ll be able to complete a project in less than 20 minutes. 

Plus, this is a practical project that you and your kids will enjoy long after you've finished it. 

What You’ll Need to DIY

Here's what you'll need to make a handful of wonderfully scented sachets: 

  • Sewing machine
  • Fabric scissors
  • Pinking shears
  • Cotton fabric
  • Thread
  • Clips
  • A ruler

For the scenting, all you need is plain old rice and a few essential oils. You could make a few for the different seasons, lavender for spring, orange for summer, cinnamon for the fall, and peppermint through the winter. 

How to Make Sachets

  • Fill sandwich bags with a bit of rice and add in your essential oils - a little can go a long way! When you're happy with the scent, close up the bag and let them sit for a few days.
  • Next, to make your sachets, you'll start by cutting your fabric into 6" x 6" squares. Then layer your fabric with the wrong sides facing each other and sew about 1” all the way around and leave a 1" opening on one edge. 
  • Now you can be extra, and use a decorative stitch, but it's not necessary, and if you have kids helping, then it's probably best to stick to a simple straight stitch. 
  • Fill the bags with your scented rice and sew the opening closed. Go through the edges with your pinking shears and trim about 1/2-inch off the edges. Now you have lovely-smelling, beautiful sachets, and you and the little ones should feel rather accomplished! 

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