Sewing Denim? Here Are A Few Tips!

Sewing Denim? Here Are A Few Tips!

Have you ever sewn denim before? If you haven’t, there are a few things you should know and be aware of before you begin. GoldStar Tool, a sewing supplies company, is here to give you some of our personal advice, that usually helps our clients with an easier project experience. Our website also has great quality sewing machines for denim that can help you create your pieces for the runway!

5 Tips For Easier Denim Sewing

There are many different things you can make with denim. Obviously, jeans, jean jackets, skirts, dresses, handbags, backpacks, and more. Because this material is not stretchy and is rather sturdy, it is important to take these steps when first starting a denim project.

  1. It is suggested to pre-wash the denim material you will be using for your project. Leaving it overnight to soak in lukewarm water is more beneficial too. The first reason to pre-wash denim is because of the color it may discard. It is common for new fabrics to lose their color, and pre-soaking it overnight can help will help fix or even out the pigmentation. Another reason to pre-wash is to slightly help soften your denim material since it is stiff as ever when new.
  2. You will need GoldStar Tool’s professional shears to help reduce fraying of denim. It is normal for denim to fray, and this should be taken care of before you begin the actual project. Using sharp and zig-zag scissors to remove the more raw edges will make your job much easier.
  3. Make sure to use the sharpest of needles. GoldStar tool has a wide variety of sharp needles that are sturdy and reliable. Since your denim is thicker than normal fabrics, the bigger the needle the better. If you are using a thin denim material such as for shirts and tops, it might be more suitable to use a regular needle instead of heavy-duty
  4. Once you have completed your denim project, one of the most important finishing touches is using closures. The choice can be completely up to you- from different jean buttons to select from, zippers made of metal, or even snaps. This should be an easy step, as GoldStar Tool has all of the finishing accessories.
  5. Lastly, it is important to put an excessive amount of heat & steam on your finished product to press it.

There are other tips and steps you can take to ensure great-quality pieces. Our sewing supplies company should have everything that you would need for your next denim project, including sewing machines for denim. If you have any questions about any of our products, feel free to give our representatives a call today!

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